John Landsiedel

John has been making art professionally since the early 1970's. After graduating from college and returning from Europe , he began exploring new materials . His kinetic sculptures took him to exhibits around the country leaving works in private, public and corporate collections. In the 1980's his distinctive thick textured painted surfaces revealed his lifelong interest in improvisation and the physicality of large scale paintings. He began studying printmaking in Santa Fe and turned to monoprints on paper . This led to the collages of the 1990's with torn sheets of rejected monoprints and other saved papers and photos. Their compositions suggested a new vision to his paintings. Through the decades he has continued to change mediums and his art always gets better with time.

The artist says “Experience is the best teacher. You know more of what you are doing and what you want to do. Things become more simple and a certain innocence comes with time. I work in series to be able to revisit different working styles. I never label myself or my art. It is such a non verbal visual expression of ideas, experience and emotion.”

In the "Combine Series 2010" at The William and Joseph Gallery in Santa Fe, he has combined paintings with last century wood patterns - purging most imagery from the work. All the swirls, swipes of color, and drips and spatters of pigment have become the vehicle of expression and exist for the sake of themselves. John says "I give paint the freedom I desire for myself. In these works I use my fingers, sticks, scrapers, brooms, combs, rollers, and tooth brushes, any tool for a quick response to my thoughts. I love every aspect of painting. It’s where the risks are great and spiritually rewarding. Its all about the work, you know its yours, and the art you make, makes you."

Prices range from $500. - $15,000                                      
  "It is all for the purpose of bringing the viewer in to consider the world in which we live."